About EmilyAttwood

I have always been seen with a camera (or 2.. or 3) in my hand so it was a natural progression to continue into the professional field beginning with photography as an AS and A Level. Having always been into both film and still photography essentially being the same to me at their cores, I then studied a BA in Film and Television Production at the University of Hertfordshire. Here I shifted my photography greatly to digital as working with a digital SLR allowed me to use this both for still photography and filmmaking with excellent quality. With the addition of using film cameras (mainly 35mm but also 120 format) to this I have a pretty good setup artistically and commercially.

Of course the capturing of images is only half of the process. Although crucial the post production is equally as vital in my opinion. I edit all my digital photographs in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I am lucky to have the freedom to do what I enjoy and hopefully you can see that in my work. I continue to work both in film and photography all of which are covered on this site. My work in both fully cross over as when it comes down to it the basics are very similar and you're always thinking of the same things whether it lighting, composition and working with people trying to make them look a certain way or express something specific.

I have photographed model/fashion shoots, catwalks, weddings, other live events and am often stills photographer for feature films for promotional shots and also behind the scenes.

If you have any questions or would like more examples of my work please feel free to contact me either at contact@emilyattwoodfilm.com or 07986224938


For a preview of my photography work please take a look at my online gallery. I will be adding more to this.

You can also see my filmwork and the film side of my website here.